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  • The travel accessories/supplies you need to take with you on your trip depend on a number of factors including:

    • where you are going
    • how long you are travelling for
    • what you'll be doing whilst you are there
    • the type of accommodation you are going to stay in.

    Long-term travellers, and those visiting areas of poor sanitation, may be more at risk of infectious and tropical diseases and need to take more precautions than those going on shorter holidays in high quality accommodation.

    The guidance given here, will give you some ideas for the travel supplies you need to take when travelling to particular areas of the world.

  • General for all areas:
  • Bite avoidance:

    Midges and Mosquitoes are a nuisance wherever you travel, so if you are one of those people that always get bitten make sure you take some decent repellent with you, particularly if you are going to being staying near a lake or river where insects are more prevalent. We advise 55% DEET repellent, which is very effective against most biting insects.

    For further details see our vaccine schedule

    Tick Borne Encephalitis is prevalent in many parts of Europe. Travellers to endemic areas may be at risk when walking, camping or working in woodland terrain where they will be exposed to the tick vector. Infection may also be acquired by consuming un-pasteurised dairy products from infected animals. Those whose planned activities put them at risk should be vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis before they travel. We stock this all year round in our travel clinics.

    Download further information about Tick-Borne Encephalitis (pdf)

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